I'm Nicole Demers from the Ocean State, where the beaches are beautiful, the weather unpredictable, and where there is never, ever a dull moment!

   A 23 year cancer survivor, I began making my "lotions and potions," as my children say, while recovering from my cancer treatments. I sought more natural alternatives for my family to the chemical-laden products found on grocery store shelves.  

   It took years of research, trial and error to learn and fully understand the benefits and qualities of each ingredient I use in my products today.  With each success or failure came knowledge and that knowledge consistently fuels the passion and creativity put forth with every batch of soap, lotion, sugar scrub, lip balm, etc. that I make!  

  I'm so happy you're here!  Please like us on Facebook and Instagram! I mean it when I say that I want to hear what you have to say. I'm open to anything you'd like to share!